Coding for Absolute Beginners

Coding for Absolute Beginners: Master the Basics of Computer Programming with Python, Java, SQL, C, C++, C#, HTML, and CSS

Learning the basics of computer programming can help beginners complete their journey from writing their first line of code to becoming an expert programmer. “Coding for Absolute Beginners: Master the Basics of Computer Programming with Python, Java, SQL, C, C++, C#, HTML, and CSS” clearly defines the basics, syntax, and methodology for each major programming language through which beginners can learn the best computer programming approaches and enhance development skills. In this book, renowned programmer and bestselling author Andrew Warner elaborates and explains the implementation of major programming languages including Java, SQL, C, C++, C#, Python, HTML, and CSS in detail.
From the development of desktop applications to software and web applications, the concepts delivered in this book will support beginners who are learning how to program. Furthermore, sample programs and illustrations make it easier for the readers to discover the similarities between each language and develop an understanding of which language is best suitable for which particular task.
Here are the major advantages and perks of learning programming with “Coding for Absolute Beginners”:

  • In-depth understanding of programming fundamentals and basic syntax by learning through languages such as C++, C, and C#.
  • Detailed description and implementation of high-level programming languages such as Java, Python, and SQL to develop and maintain desktop applications and software.
  • Web programming languages HTML and CSS are clearly explained along with the implementation of basic elements, attributes, and tags. This makes it easy for beginners to develop and design their first website with complete functionality.
  • Exposure to major programming environments, IDEs, tools, and technologies.
  • Evaluation of programming languages, and best programming practices, and tips to increase code efficiency.

For beginners who are interested in learning key programming concepts and development exposure, “Coding for Absolute Beginners” is the best source of information for you.

Coding for Absolute Beginners has been carefully arranged in step by step method to make sure everyone could write code. This book is equally beneficial for you no matter if you are a programming enthusiast or professional.

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